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By: backupeverything | January 21, 2017

Data loss can be detrimental to any company or individual. Loss of data means losing vital information and content. It poses threat to any employee or organization, as a whole. Therefore, it is quite essential to preserve data from being disrupted, damaged or lost forever. Once vital data is lost, it cannot be recovered at any cost. However, of late, due to the emergence of applications and software, data can be maintained and preserved in online spaces. One can also backup data and information and make it available, at all times.

Causes of data loss:

  •   Data primarily gets lost due to unintentional deletion of files and folders. Often, we misplace files and folders, without our knowledge. This leads to loss of data.
  •   Data often gets lost when the format of the data file is not accepted by the operating system of the phone, computer or laptop.
  •   Sudden power failure when data is stored in the volatile memory also leads to loss of data. Hardware failure is another major cause of data loss.
  •   Natural disasters such as earthquake, fire and floods also lose data. The hardware and storage components get severely affected by disasters.
  •   Malicious stuff and viruses in phones, laptops and computers disrupt the data and it gets damaged completely. Users cannot retrieve the data anymore. Online theft is another reason that causes data loss
  •   Crashing of software and applications is another threat that users face.

Ways to prevent loss of data:

  •   Data loss can be best prevented by Backup Everything process. This process allows the users to backup all their vital data and information, files and folders and keep a second record of their data.
  •   With the presence of Backup Everything companies and employees can backup data in the online platform. There are spaces reserved for the users where personal data can be backed up and stored.
  •   Cloud Backup is an excellent backup service that allows users to reserve their space in the cloud computing devices. There are cloud service providers who collaborate with the Internet service providers and create space for the users to store ad backup their files and documents.
  •   By means of Student Backup, students can also backup their projects and assignments in their storage spaces and access it whenever required. Backup Everything also prevents data loss and maintains the privacy and secrecy of the users. They have user passwords and gateways.

It can therefore be stated that data loss has found unique solutions for the future. The users need not worry about losing their prime files and folders. Data can be saved, stored and maintained, with optimum flexibility. It may so happen that the phones and computers stop working or faces a major problem. In such cases, users can retrieve data from their online spaces. To sum up, the prevention of data loss and storing data in cloud backup spaces allows flexibility to a greater extent.



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Posted on : August 30, 2017

I prefer online data backup since they are much reliable than any other backup method. Data loss can happen if you tend to store your data on the hardware devices and any damage occurring to it. Storing it online eliminates that threat.

Amelia Enderby

Posted on : March 20, 2017

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